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Personalized Pet Photo Stud Earrings

  • Style: Personalized Photo Earrings
  • Material: Sterling Silver 925
  • Stud Size: Within 10MM(0.39INCH)
  • Thickness: 1.1MM(0.044INCH)
  • Material: Sterling Silver 925

These pet photo earrings allow you to upload a cute picture of your beloved pets, and make it a pair of unique earrings that belongs only to you! Maybe you wanna wear something cute and different on your ear, or maybe you want to remember your late cute pet in a special way, either way, our earrings are your perfect choice!
Two easy steps to make your personalized photo earrings:
1. Choose the material of earrings between Sterling Silver, Platinum Plated Silver 925, and 18K Gold Plated Silver 925.
2. Upload your photo which could be any creature you like. We'll remove the photo background to reach a better effect for you.